I would like to start, presenting one of my favorite streets! It is Alexandrou Svolou or Prince Nikolaou Street, as was called in the past. I made that choice flowing an imaginary route entering by walking the city center.

Alexandrou Svolou steet is located at the middle – east of the centre. It is a quiet, direct, narrow street, where you can enjoy waling under the trees on both side of pavements. Along the way you can find plenty of local shops (coffee shops, fast food, clothing etc). Some of my favorite clothing shops are located here!


Direct view of the Street

Among the commercial land uses you will meet two of the most famous historical monuments of the city. At the end of the street you will discover the Orthodox church of Agia Sofia one of most famous UNESCO monuments of Thessaloniki. Whereas another monument you can find walking along the street is Galerios Palace, from Roman period. Galerios Palace is part of a vertical axis by wich are connected Rotonda – Kamara – Galerios Palace. Part of this axis is Navarinou square, one of the biggest squares of the city center.


Galerios Palace

When you are walking at Alexandrou Svolou Street you can feel the sense of neighborhood. Buildings mainly consist of apartments. This warm atmosphere reflects in social movement such as the ‘Svolou Neighborhood Initiative’ urban ‘Spring Dinner’.  The last years, every spring is organized a dinner along the street, by the local residents.

View of Al. Svolou Street

Variable views of the street

I like to start my shopping activity from that street, as it is never crowded; it has the atmosphere of a neighborhood and the most important: I can find nice garments and friendly people to start my trip to the city center. Many times happened to find what I am looking for even from the beginning!

So let’s see together which are those shops

Alexandrou Svolou Street

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